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tv   NBC10 News Today at 530am  NBC  November 24, 2015 5:30am-6:01am EST

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i don't know when it's going to get here but i hope soon. it's about 5:30. good morning. welcome to "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm vai sikahema. meantime, it is freezing in some places in the area. also they are making snow in the poconos. let's start with meteorologist bill henley in the first alert forecast. >> you are going to have to bundle up. good morning, vai. it's a cold start. the coldest morning of the season so far. we're in the 20s and 30s, 9 degrees colder than yesterday in mount holly. millville down 12 degrees in northeast philadelphia is 4 degrees colder this morning which has northeast philadelphia at the airport below freezing at 30 degrees. 20ss for pottstown, millville at 22 degrees, and it's going to be a slow climb into the 50s, very low 50s this afternoon. there are some clouds that are moving into the area right now. we'll get a cloudy start. that's going to help us from getting much colder. 34 at 7:00. then clearing skies, the temperatures climb in the 40s. 1:00 this afternoon 48 degrees.
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some areas will get warmer than others. we'll go through the forecast neighborhood by neighborhood when i'm back. right now jessica boyington has first alert traffic. >> bill, we're watching 295 in new jersey right now. ongoing work so not active now but watching those lane restrictions right around the black horse pike moving along whether headed north or southbound but southbound from 38 to this point at the black horse pike, heading to philadelphia, you see 42 freeway, you'll be fine. it's only 13 minutes so far for the morning. average speed 65 miles per hour. so everybody's moving. watch for a downed pole and wires, you can see red on our map system. whitehall between skippack pike and township. it's close coasted. right in here that's bean, here is north whitehall, township line road here. so starting to see red there because of that closure and backup. they will direct you around the scene. a busy travel day, the philadelphia international airport, currently no delays.
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now breaking news from overseas we obtained this video a short time ago, turkey confirms it shot down a russian warplane on the syrian border. turkish officials say the plane violated their air space and ignored repeated warnings. russia denies the plane crossed the syrian border into turkish skies. it is investigating. we don't know how many were on board the plane. but russian officials did say the pilots did parachute out. we'll have updates throughout the morning. firefighters rescued a dog from a row home fire in north philadelphia, 22nd and berk. the fire broke out this morning. the family got out safely. investigators will look for a cause. it's 5:32. the state department has issued a warning for anyone headed overseas with an increased threat of international terrorism. they issued the warning as we
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head into one of the busiest days at philadelphia international airport all year. matt delucia is live there at the airport. matt, the rush is beginning. tell us more. >> reporter: just beginning, in fact, the lines behind me very short now, the security lines. it's getting longer as we're people show up for flights but behind me here we have the united line. people dropping off bags so not too bad but of course as the day progresses, more people show up to head out to the holiday destination, that of course the lines can increase. today is the second busiest air travel day of the year according to the airport. you might think the day would be tomorrow. but it's not. tomorrow is the busiest day for road travel. philadelphia international airport, they are expecting 82,000 travelers to come through here today. and the busiest air travel day would be sunday. that is when everyone is leaving. we could see up to 92,000 people coming through this airport on that day.
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i've been talking with people all morning including a woman traveling with her family to wisconsin right now. take a listen. >> i heard on the news that it's going to be really bad later on, so everybody has the same idea is getting out, leaving early, get to your destination quickly and watch everybody else as they are boarding. >> reporter: of course the folks i've been talking with, a lot of them just travel for the holidays, thanksgiving, for christmas, but they are saying they think that they are smart because they are traveling early and then getting back friday or saturday. to try to beat that sunday rush. i'm looking at the departures and arrivals. most of these flights are on time right now so that is the good news out here. again as you look behind me fairly empty at the moment. of course that could change as the day progresses but always a good idea to check the status of your flight. also tsa wait times we talked about, worldwide travel alert that is out there right now. it's a good idea you can look at
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the tsa app and will tell you the estimated wait times for getting through those check points. as i mentioned up there right now, not too bad for the moment. live at philadelphia international airport, i'm matt delucia, "nbc 10 news." >> more time getting through security and prepare fog more time on the plane if you're flying this holiday week. airplanes are spending a record amount of time more than 23 minutes taxiing between gates and runways. the associated press analysis says it's nearly a minute more than last year. the extra time is due to issues like massive cop instruction projects and runways further from the gates. >> a father speaking out after a family emergency at the king of prussia mall where his 3-year-old son was locked in his car. kyle butler says it's been hard explaining to his 3-year-old what happened in the parking lot on friday morning. he says he felt helpless as his son sat restrained in the minivan after he was accidentally locked inside. butler says it took about 45 minutes for help to arrive.
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>> kind of concerning thinking that we had to wait all of that time for a tow company with only him getting more and more agitated, more confused. >> the mall told him its policy is to call a contracted towing company when people lock themselves out of their car. we could not reach the king of prussia mall for comment. >> starting today state and local police departments in the delaware valley will deliver thanksgiving dinl tear the families of fallen officers part of a program called cop wheels which started in 2007. this is video of volunteers packing up meals to give away. cop wheels will hold a breakfast this morning in plymouth meeting and officers will deliver the meals to those families across the delaware valley. pennsylvania state troopers will also deliver dinners tomorrow morning to families of fallen officers in northeast philadelphia. >> from our nbc 10 jersey shore bureau, troopers showing thanks by helping atlantic city
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families in need. members of the casino gaming bureau are giving away turkey dinner care packages. they packed up boxes for families. >> because we are troopers we don't necessarily live in the towns that we work in, so it's nice to get out and see the community outside of police work. we appreciate giving back and the community helps us too. >> the donated meals will go out to 120 families in need. happening now, it is 5:37. and you're taking a live look at philadelphia's love park. a thanksgiving tradition of caring will soon get up der way. the turkey drop. the one-day donation event helps an organization that provides meals and services to families, shelters and food banks. the group collected more than 9,000 turkeys last year. >>. >> thanksgiving is two days
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away. at the bottom of the screen we're scrolling information about free meals offered across our area. a battalion of volunteers is helping prepare meals for the needy in philadelphia. the salvation army invited us to look in on preparations for dinners for 900 families. the thanksgiving to go program allows those families to enjoy a holiday meal in the privacy of their homes. an organizer told us it's the volunteers who make the whole thing go. >> we have volunteers on thanksgiving morning. we start 5:00 thanksgiving morning getting the trucks loaded up, get fg out to the sites where it's distributed and then distributing up to 1:00 thanksgiving day. >> the salvation army will distribute at three sites. the food bank will tell us it's short 3,000 turkeys this year but if you would like to help the food bank is still accepting turkey donations. >> it's cold out this morning. 35 degrees in philadelphia.
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and montgomery county is preparing for code blue conditions when the temperatures get dangerously cold. commissioners outlined the program yesterday. it helps the most vulnerable citizens stay safe. officials said shelters will provide additional beds and housing during code blue events and told us how people can help. >> people should definitely check on neighbors and friends, particularly elderly neighbors. make sure their homes are adequately heated. >> officials call for code blue when the weather is considered to be life threatening. that typically means wind chills of 20 degrees or below. coming up on 20 minutes benefit 6:00. we've got a cold start this morning. clouds have moved into the area. but before they moved in, the temperatures plummeted overnight. in the 20s and low 30s. 30 degrees in northeast philadelphia, that's 4 degrees
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colder than yesterday morning. cloudy start and a cold one for wrightstown, 21 degrees, millville also in the low 20s, look at pottstown and doylestown in the 20s. lafayette hill is 28. not as cold as it was earlier when it went down to 26. that's what collegeville is reporting now. and solidly in the 20s for pottstown, gilbertsville, 29 degrees in pottstown, upper providence reports 27. here come the clouds. nothing falling from the clouds. it's going to limit our sunshine. the back edge is still approaching western pennsylvania. so the cloud cover will be moving through this morning, then sunshine will return. the result, a warmer day today than yesterday. but still chill for this time of year. 44 in camelback, bethlehem 46, 47 degrees in pennsburg. you'll see sunshine this afternoon after morning clouds. near 50 for bordentown, in the low 50s for cape may.
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rehoboth beach and milford. sunshine will take over after the morning cloudiness, we'll warm up to 50 degrees in philadelphia. 49 in wilmington and woodstown. there is warmer weather on the way and the timing is excellent for the holiday weekend. got your seven-day forecast when i'm back. >> excellent, he says. >> we like that. busy, one of the busiest days in the air. what about the roads? >> let's look at 309. jessica boyington has an update on that. >> right now the roads are doing okay. we have another hour or so about 6:30 when things start to get packed in. 309 around the p.a. turnpike no problems north or southbound. into delaware watch for construction on 95. the northbound ramp to 86 is closed for construction. it's not affecting the drive time. a fly through 95 in here everything is green, 11 minutes at the most northbound from 295 to 495. another check on your traffic
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when i come back in the next 10 minutes. >> 5:42. the muslim community is firing back at donald trump over a 9/11 controversy. we'll hear how trump defended his claims that he saw muslims in north jersey cheering after the september 11 attack. plus this. >> a police body camera cap are thes the moments following a campus shooting. we'll show you how the situation played out.
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>> decision 2016, muslims are responding to donald trump's claims he saw thousands of them in north jersey celebrating the 9/11 attacks. the republican front-runner defended his words in ohio last night. nbc 10 searched hours of footage we shot back in '01. neither we nor nbc news could find evidence to back up the claim that he says he was verified by a "washington post" article. here is trump followed by a teacher angry about the candidate's rhetoric. >> i was there, but i saw it. >> this is insulting. it is hurtful and it does not
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feel like real american. >> republican candidate ben carson initially agreed with trump's claim but later backtracked. >> on the democratic side bernie sanders campaigned in atlanta last night. sanders applauded king's legacy calling the slain civil rights leader a revolutionary who fought on race relations to economic policy. >> sanders' rival hillary clinton who was in nevada last night addressing the syrian refugee controversy. she told reporters taking a hard line against admitting refugees to the u.s. is a mistake. she said doing so hurts law enforcement's ability to build ties within muslim communities. leaders in lehigh county say they feel syrian refugees are victims of fear mongering. the lehigh valley has one of the largest syrian communities in the country and taken in 44 refugees since last march. officials in allentown feel they
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are being demonized. many of the refugees are professionals in search of jobs and fair rent. >> we're getting a look at newly released video from police body camera that shows the aftermath of a deadly on campus shooting in arizona. if you are not looking at your screen come check it out here. here's what the suspected shooter had to say. the footage shows steve jones on the ground moments after he opened fire on four students, and killing one at northern arizona university. video shows jones begging the officer to check on the victims. he says he was surround bid 12 people after leaving a party with a friend. after he was allegedly assaulted and chased, jones ran to his car and told the suspects he had a gun. he then says two men yelled that they were going to kill him.
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and charged at him. that's when he opened fire. the family of a muslim teen arrested after his homemade clock was mistaken for a bomb is seeking $15 million in damages. attorneys for the 14-year-old and his family say the boy was mistreat whend he took his clock to school show his teacher. the teacher thought it was a bomb. ahead was never charged. the city spokesman said they are reviewing the demappeds but not commenting. 5:48. cold to start with this morning. the coldest morning of the season so far. clouds have moved into the area. they will keep on going and get afternoon sunshine to help with the cold, 36 degrees at philadelphia international. most of the rest of the area is colder. but completely dry. cape may will see some sunshine, especially sunny for this afternoon. and the cold will ease r. less wind this morning, calm for
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allentown, pottstown and wilmington. with clear skies during the early overnight hours, that allows the temperatures to really fall. with clouds i don't expect it to get a lot colder this morning. plenty of clouds but as far as snow showers are concerned way off to the north and west. we won't see them in our area today for the near future. 40s to near 50 degrees with westerly winds to 8 miles an hour. today will be warmer than yesterday. tomorrow warmer than today with sunshine, 53 degrees. look at thanksgiving day. and friday, 65 the high on friday. the showers moving through on saturday. come with a cold front that will return the chill for sunday and monday. >> about tep minutes before 6:00. let's get you to work. >> jessica boyington has a look at 100. >> route 100 around 113, everything moving along nicely, no road work in the area.
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not even cars in the area barely as well. both directions moving fine. our drive times, we haven't seen an increase. 95 south to the vine street expressway 13 minutes, on the schuylkill into center city no problems, 13 minutes also. the blue route is okay. southbound 15 minutes from the schuylkill to 95. downed pole and wires, now it's closed between skippack and bean road. you can see a little delay there as our map system is reflecting some of that red to move around. but i do have detours posted. you'll be find moving around if you followed those. when i come back we'll check in with the airport. >> each year more are shopping on line instead of fighting the crowds. not were is comfortable shopping on line like to try the shoes on because i have wide feet. hey, we have suggestions from a
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rutgers school of business professor of marketing to ease those fears. >> into a store that offers some in-store online kiosks so. that way it lets you become familiar. >> here are other suggestions. read the ratings, see what other customers said about the shopping experience on the website. use the online chat to ask questions in advance. pick a reputable retail wer a strong track record. >> up next, we'll explain how a store worker used the force to take down a would-be robber dressed as darth vader. >> this is a skunk with a burger king orange juice on its head. >> that's not good. that's a police officer doing play by play as he tries to help out a skunk. you got your big games... ...cheese plates, turkey, appetizers.
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six minutes before 6:00. new video outym15 of florida. police arrested this guy a man in a darth vader mask who got on the dark side of a clerk. the man was armed with a pistol
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when he demanded money from the clerk on sunday. the clerk hit him with a jar of salad dressing. the suspect ran off but police captured him. in a few days many of us will gather to give thanks. a boy in new york knows what he's grateful for. the police who protect his city. >> this is a great story. now that little boy is on a mission to tell them one by one. zachary loves super heroes. his room is a shrine to the favorites including the men in blue. zachary cares so much he is determined to hand deliver thank you cards to the 34,000 officers. zachary's mother dedicates her om day off to help him accomplish the mission. they walk to every precinct, take the subway. this started after two officers were shot and killed in december. >> this is what he wants to do. as a mother we try to help our kids and encourage them.
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we went to where it happened and he actually started to cry. so he said mom, i want to do something. >> so far zachary and his mom visited more than 60 precincts. he is a big hero for the cops there. >> sure is. from the jersey shore bureau a police officer in ocean county found himself in a potentially foul situation. this video of a skunk wandering with a juice carton on his head was shot by officer jonathan whitney earlier this month. it's gone viral with more than 23,000 views. >> i felt bad for it. i figured it was either going to get hitpy a car or an animal was going to attack it. if i didn't take it off there was no way he was going to get that thing off. >> so he didtake it off for the skunk. the department aeps page urges people to leave wild man encounters to professionals. >> remember this, a college student's drunken tirade.
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here is a reminder. >> bacon, mac and cheese. >> you can't come in here -- think about it. >> that's luke. this went viral and you can hear him yelling at the food service worker who refused to serve him. the 19-year-old is charged with breaching the peace and trespassing. now he wants the court to let thim 2 to rehab. in the video the manager says gotti smelled like alcohol. the former freshman is no longer at the university. the school won't say if he was expelled or left on his own. charges will be dropped if he is accepted into the program. >> joe scott says she is proud of her town. >> on the steve harvey show she explains why filly is home to the best but some of the toughest critics.
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>> i'm from philly. born and raised in philly. they look at me the first song is like -- all right, jill, what you going to do, jill. i better pull off my leg. do something. philly's hard. >> scott shared stories about her childhood and the strong women who raised her. the interview is part of a special hour of the steve harvey show. catch the episode on nbc 10 this afternoon at 2:00 followed by the ellen show and "nbc 10 news" at 4:00. >> nbc 10 news today at 6:00 a.m. starts right now. we are following breaking news. turkey shoots down a russian warplane near the border with syria and we have new video of the crash.
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>> and a travel warning as we head into the busy holiday travel season. we are live at the airport with what you need to know before you head out today. >> look at this. this cold morning start isn't stopping the turkey drop. people are bundled up ready to make turkey donations for families in need. 6:00 a.m. fw morning, this is "nbc 10 news today." >> before we get to the forecast look at the bottom of the screen. we'll show a list of places where people in need can get a free thanksgiving meal. right to nbc 10 meteorologist bill henley. with our forecast. >> a good day for a frozen turkey drop. it will stay frozen. it's beginning to look like ski season. look, they are making snow again this morning. but the truth is that the entire area is cold enough for snow this morning. temperatures in the 20s and low 30s in northeast philadelphia. it had warmed up a bit in philadelphia since we went on
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air at 4:00 this morning but there's plenty of cold air, west town in the 20s to start with. we'll wind up with a warmer day. the clouds moving through right now will clear out 45 degrees by 11:00. at 2:00 upper 40s which is something we did not get close to yesterday. we'll go through when i'm back in 10 minutes. >> we have an update. an accident cleared out of the way. we had ramp restrictions on route 1 northbound the ramp to the blue route. that has cleared out of the way. right around runnemede at the turnpike moving along great. nobody in here that's headed to the area bridges in philadelphia. no problems from 55 to the walt whitman bridge. average 53 miles per hour so everybody is moving there. no problems for mass transit but 11 minute delays for the airport line for


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